Unique air pipeline drying system



PSE International new drying units offer a unique drying technology for all kinds of gas and oil pipelines with diameter from small to large. Most benefits by large diameter.

The system is also optimal for process systems such as LNG plant, LNG tanks chemical industry and etc.


This drying system has many advantages compared with compressor system.


Advantages against conventional compressor system:


  • Use up to 5-7 times less fuel. Fuel consumption app. 0.008 litre per 1m3 dry air
  • Environmental emissions are reduced only one engine runs instead of 5-7 it means the exhaust emission (CO2 – NOx) is reduced very much.
  • Less transport costs only one truck
  • Smaller footprint one container.
  • 100% oilfree air.
  • Fast to rig up. Just connect 2 pcs 6” flexible hoses to the pipe system and start up (1 to 2 hours).
  • Minimum safety precaution because of maximum 1 bar g discharge pressure. For large diameter pipelines normally 0.2 to 0.5 bar g pressure for drying.






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