The equipment


Drying unit MDU (Mobil Drying Unit) 6000/8000


The unit is constructed in one single high cube 20`feet standard container and consists of the following main components:



  • Generator set 315 to 500 kVA
  • Refrigeration plant Cools the process air down to +2 to 50C depending on the ambient temperature, airflow and humidity
  • Roots blower max pressure 1 bar gauge. 100% oilfree
  • Dehumidifier special design for this unit



Technical specification:



  • Dry air capacity 2.000 Nm3/ to 8.000Nm3/h depending on the back pressure
  • Dew point from -30 to -60 degrees Celsius depending on air flow, ambient temperature and humidity
  • Fuel consumption 45 to 70 litres per hour depending on the back pressure
  • Fuel tank capacity 1.300 litres
  • Dew point outlet controlled by Mitchell dew point meter type easy-dew
  • Total weight for the container without diesel app. 12 tons
  • External measure HC container: length 6.06 m, Width 2.44m, Height 2.89m
  • Variable speed control of the roots blower from 400 to 2700 rpm
  • Certificate on the container: Container approved as seaworthy, able to withstand the rigors of road, rail movements, depot and terminal handling in widely varying temperature and climate conditions.
  • Cooling plant build in accordance with EC-directives and certified by Spectra A/S. Notified body No. 1227
  • Safety system. Roots blower switch off by high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, no flow and bad dew point





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